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How do I apply?
Download the form (available for download here), fill it in, and compile the supporting information and send it off to us. Please note your submission will not be processed until payment is made.
What if I need help with the application?
The HSAS form is easy to complete and there is guidance within the form to point you in the right direction but our Assessors are available should you need help with the process. As part of the scheme we must remain impartial and therefore any help with your submission other than explaining what is required must be provided by your Competent Health and Safety Advisor.
How do I make payment?
This can be done either by BACS (one payment every 12 months) by cheque or bank transfer, or by telephone we accept all major credit and debit cards please call: 0845 095 2071.
What are the costs involved?
Each full assessment is £175+VAT payable prior to the assessment being carried out. The cost for a verification certificate is £70 plus VAT, re-printing of certificates is £25.00 plus VAT and postage, and additional HSAS stickers are £3.00 plus VAT and postage.
What is the assessment process timescale?
HSAS will carry out the assessment and contact you within 5 working days of payment being made. Should your submission require further information you will have a 30 calendar day time frame in which to reply. If you do not reply within this time your submission will be considered void.
What happens if I already have an certificate from another SSIP accreditor?
Once your submission has received approval your certificate will be sent to you by post and a copy of the HSAS logo emailed to you to enable you to use the logo. Your current certificate or your membership number must be supplied to prospective clients to show that you are an approved contractor under the SSiP scheme. If you have a valid certificate from another member of the SSiP forum we will charge an administration fee of £65+vat for verification and issue you with an HSAS certificate.
What happens when the certificate runs out?
The certificate lasts for 12 months and we will email you one month prior to you needing to re-apply.
What to do if you have a complaint?
If you are unhappy with the outcome of an assessment or how you have been dealt with we would encourage you to contact the administration team who will attempt to resolve your complaint, if you are still not satisfied your complaint will be escalated to a director who will deal with your complaint within a maximum of 10 days and communicate their findings to you both in email and a telephone call.

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